ACT!ON Seminar

ACT!ON is an innovative training experience designed by EA to improve individual leadership and team building skills. With our basic “how to think, not what to think” mantra, we built this specifically for new professionals as either a self-paced developmental tool or a full-blown online multi-course curriculum. ACT!ON is basic in theory, but challenging in reality. Elite leaders must perform. In order to take charge and make critical decisions, the professional must learn how to:

ACT Independently

ACT Organically


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FUSION Leadership

How can you be elite like a SEAL if you were never in the Navy?  How can you lead like a fighter pilot if you never served? How can you plan like a General without 30 years of preparation? If you don’t have the entire might of the US Congress behind you and your authority isn’t backed by the Constitution, how can you expect every member of your team to “be like an operator"?  The truth is that many military experts project an image of leadership or share lessons that apply to those in charge of thousands of employees but that really don’t apply to the average professional. In reality, most of us must manage small teams and that is the secret to FUSION leadership. Matt spent almost half of his career in the Army Special Operations world and about the same amount of time in the conventional forces. Therefore, he knows both sides well. He led small groups from 3 soldiers to a company of 120 soldiers in peacetime and combat. A leadership award winner at almost every professional school he attended, Matt devised a system of leadership to help all leaders influence their teams and get the same results as elite Army Rangers (And you don’t have to have any prior leadership experience or get up at 4 AM and to do burpees, either).

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The INVICTUS Academy is your introduction to the commercial marketplace. It’s the starting point for your new life. EA built this curriculum so that you can be better educated in your preparation for your next job or career. These are simple but important lessons for you to learn, digest and ultimately execute so that you can be clear in your approach to the next phase of life. These are lessons Matt learned the hard way and there is absolutely no reason for you to follow the same difficult path. We want you to be the best, the most confident and most competitive you can be. The world is yours; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Some lessons will seem very basic, and others may be completely new. After eleven years in this commercial work space where he often held senior leadership positions, and more than 17 years speaking around the country, Matt can tell you that these lessons would have changed his direction and undoubtedly his life had he learned them sooner.


Real knowledge is key to success.

We offer a progressive seminar series where participants will explore the three elements of a successful transition:

Capturing the past

Real-world transition disasters and how to avoid them

Dissecting individual careers to uncover true expertise

Introducing the present

What happens in the business world today

Life in the 10 most prominent industries

Planning for the future

The Strategic plan

The bold and daring mindset